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In the competitive world of cryptocurrency, getting your coin listed and noticed is crucial for its success. Blockfolio provides a unique platform where users can request the listing of coins, and projects are chosen based on the number of votes they receive. Understanding how to effectively utilize Blockfolio’s voting system can make a significant difference in your project’s visibility and credibility. One of the best providers for votes on Blockfolio is Boost Legends.

What is Blockfolio?

Blockfolio is a comprehensive platform that allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts to request coin listings, exchange listings, API integrations, and news sources. With dedicated sections for each type of request, Blockfolio ensures that user feedback is central to the listing process. Here’s a breakdown of the primary sections:

  • Coin Requests: This is where users can propose new coins for listing. With over 17,000 requests, competition is fierce, and projects with the most votes stand a better chance of being listed.
  • Exchange Requests (Listings): Users can request specific exchanges to list certain coins. There are currently over 730 requests in this category.
  • Exchange Requests (API): This section focuses on requests for API integrations with over 230 requests.
  • News Source Requests: Users can propose new news sources to be integrated into Blockfolio, with over 300 requests already made.

You can explore the coin requests and see how votes play a crucial role here.

Why Buy Blockfolio Votes?

Boost Visibility

Buying Blockfolio votes is a strategic move to increase your project’s visibility. With more votes, your coin is more likely to be noticed by both the Blockfolio team and the broader crypto community. This visibility can lead to increased interest and investment in your project.

Enhance Credibility

A high vote count can significantly enhance your project’s credibility. When potential investors see that your coin has garnered a substantial number of votes, they are more likely to view it as a legitimate and promising project. This trust can translate into higher engagement and investment.

Drive Engagement

Increasing your vote count can also drive engagement from the crypto community. As your coin rises in popularity on Blockfolio, more users will take notice and potentially participate in discussions, further boosting your project’s profile.

How to Get Blockfolio Votes

Buy Blockfolio Votes

Purchasing votes is a quick and effective way to boost your coin’s standing on Blockfolio. This can provide an immediate increase in visibility and improve your chances of being listed.

Get Blockfolio Votes

Encouraging your community to vote for your coin is another effective strategy. Community-driven votes are highly valuable and demonstrate organic support for your project. You can engage your community through social media campaigns, newsletters, and incentivized voting programs.

Purchase Blockfolio Votes

Investing in votes is a strategic move to ensure your project gains the attention it deserves. By purchasing votes, you can complement organic votes and give your project the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Increase Blockfolio Votes

Consistently increasing your vote count requires a combination of purchased votes and organic community engagement. Implement strategies such as community incentives, partnerships with other crypto projects, and promotional campaigns to maintain a steady increase in votes.

Why Choose Boost Legends?

Boost Legends is a leading crypto marketing agency with a proven track record of success. We specialize in helping projects gain visibility and traction through strategic marketing efforts. Here’s how we can help you with Blockfolio votes:

  • Proven Expertise: We have extensive experience working with high-profile projects in the crypto space, delivering exceptional results.
  • Comprehensive Services: From press releases and organic articles to CEX listings and ads across all platforms, we cover all aspects of crypto marketing.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our tailored packages are designed to meet your specific needs and ensure you achieve your marketing goals.


Buying Blockfolio votes is a powerful strategy to boost your coin’s visibility, credibility, and engagement. With Boost Legends, you can effectively increase your vote count and enhance your project’s chances of success.

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